About Us


For thousands of years many Asian cultures have been observing nature, and researching how it affects man and his lifestyle. The ability to influence your destiny through the use of natural law and universal theory is used by many sages and masters throughout history.

As the Founder and Executive Director of the Art of Life Institute, Dr. Janet Woods as assembled an Asian based curriculum to delight the most esoteric enthusiast.

The Art of Life Institute provides on-going education and certifications in the areas of Feng Shui, Japanese and Chinese Astrology, Chinese Numerology, Dowsing the Dragon, Korean Hand Therapy, Face Reading, and many Asian Metaphysical courses.

In 2014 the Institute launched their Doctorate Program in  Asian Metaphysics. The program is designed to teach the vast, ancient, and complex philosophies of metaphysics from an Eastern perspective. Courses are designed to enable students to use the information for self-development and lifestyle enhancement. This application of Asian Metaphysics is also seen as preparation for a professional private practice

For more information about the application process and requirements please contact our office at 949-400-0443

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