Our Faculty

At the Art of life we teach you step-by-step, the schools and methods that apply to our modern lives. We incorporate the ” Wisdom” with ” Technology”.

To do this we bring in the best of breed when it comes to our faculty. We look forward to sharing their wisdom, and experience.

logo art of life

Dr. Janet Woods


Feng Shui

9 Star Ki Astrology

Chinese Astrology

I Ching Oracle

 Plum Blossom I Ching Oracle


Gosia Lorenz

Access Consciousness 


Barbara Fukuda Msc.d, DD

Reiki I & II

Reiki Master


Sonya Arias


Family Constellation

 Reiki  Master ( Espanol )

Intuitive Tarot ( Espanol )

Kuan Yin Tarot

Manifest Your Dreams


Dr. Marla Shaw

Dr, Marla Shaw

Chinese Face Reading

Dowsing the Dragon

Space  Harmonization



Niko Xiros Msc.d



Face Reading


Reiki Master




Dr. Jodi LaBossiere

Jodi Labossiere

Everyday Confidence

The Total You


Dr. Marsha McNamara


Feng Shui For the Garden


Max Abrams MBA, Msc.d


The Art of The Sale

Making Numbers Work

Sales Conversations

Money Practices For Mystics  


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