Welcome to The Institute of Asian Metaphysics

Welcome to The Institute of Asian Metaphysics, America’s premier school in the area of Personal Growth, Spirituality, and  Asian Metaphysics. We are the first academic institution of its kind in the world to blend the vast knowledge of Spirituality and Metaphysics from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Vietnam.


Our courses are provided through online classes. We use modern inter-active teaching and brain-based learning methods. Through these processes, students have the ability to create a viable private practice and enrich society.



The mission of the Institute of Asian Metaphysics is to guide and encourage our students to learn and experience Personal Growth, Spirituality, and Asian Metaphysics.  Both as an intuitive art, and practical applied science. We believe each individual will develop and hone their innate wisdom from our selective curriculum, and share their talents with a global community.





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