Neuro Design: Beyond Feng Shui

Neuro Design is the art and science of how we are affected visually and psychologically by design. For hundreds of years architects and scientist have been exploring the connection between ourselves, our spaces and the things we collect and why. The term Neuroarchitecture is also used to describe how our brain interacts with buildings.

In our home, how we design and style our space influences our emotions, and has a direct impact on our subconscious. The Chinese have known this for centuries and created Feng Shui so that people can live in harmony with nature and prosper. Feng Shui is based on how energy flows through a space and uplifts our energy.

Why Should We Care?

 Neuro Design is more expansive. It explores how we feel, what motivates us, and how we react to certain stimuli. Knowing how to use the principles of Neuro Design will allow a person to excel in life.

Here are some aspects of your home which deeply affect your body, mind, and spirit,

  1. The colors used in your home have a vibration and frequency. Certain colors can stop us such as the color red because it is used in stop signs. While the color yellow is uplifting because it mimics sunlight. The texture is associated with how things feel when we touch them. Rough textures repel touch, while soft textures invite touch. (either use “touch” twice or take it out completely)
  2. Lighting can be used to highlight, or the absence of it can make a space unappealing.
  3. Sound alerts us when to run in the other direction, or the joy of hearing our favorite music.
  4. Culture plays a key role in the interiors we grew up with and the ones we acquire.

Neuro Design may seem complex and involved. Also, where does one learn about the subject? Exploring the internet and reading Interior Design, or Feng Shui books can be confusing. Finding an expert can be difficult, as there are only a few people certified as Neuro Architects and Neuro Designers. But fear not, you can learn this on your own and start creating your own inspirational spaces.


The Art of Life Institute,  been providing courses on Neuroarchitecture and Neuro Design since 2014. Classes are taught in the evening and weekends and are also open to the public. Graduates from Art of Life Institute’s certification program have gone on to create interior and exterior spaces for CEO’s, Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs, small business and homeowners.

For more information please visit the Art of Life Institute website at


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