Before The Full Moon Lantern Festival




We are just a few days before the Lantern Festival and  Full Moon for the year of the Earth Dog. Asian communities all over the globe are shopping and celebrating.

Be sure to pick up your Joss Paper for wishes and Intentions for Midnight on Wednesday, along with your candles, red envelopes, coins and lucky bambo.

This is also the conclusion of the Chinese New Years Celebration.

Thank you for allowing me to share our Chinese New Years Celebration Newsletter. It has been a joy for me to share the culture, traditions, and insights of this Asian holiday season.

your-fortune_sayingimagesMany blessing to you and your family during the year of the Earth Dog


Day Nine of Chinese New Years

The Jade Emperor

We are on the Day Nine, the number of completion.

The Jade Emperor’s Birthday is said to be the ninth day of the first lunar month.

On this day Taoist temples hold a Jade Emperor ritual ( “heaven worship”) at which blessing are done, incense is burnt and make food offerings are made.

What to do?

  1. Burn your favorite incense,
  2. Eat one of your favorite foods
  3. and offer a blessing or a prayer of gratitude.

To learn more about the Jade Emperor click on the link below

Chinese New Year: Day Seven

Today is day  7 of Chinese New Years. In the bible, on the 7th day God rested. To the Chinese, this is the Birthday of all Humans!  So, I think a birthday cake is in short order. The Chinese believe in order for you to have a good life, you must eat good food, so you can go to work, and give your job the best effort possible. Day 7 & * are ” Foodie Heaven” days.

The Farmer’s Market will be buzzing with people preparing for fresh and healthy meals today. There is also a traditional drink that is made from 7 fruits and vegetables and consumed on this day. I wonder if that is where the famous juice V8 came from?

Another traditional food that is eaten on this day is Raw fish (  symbolic for success ) and Noodles ( symbolic for longevity).

What to do today:

  • Have Cake
  • Have a big bowl of noodles
  • Have a 7 Juice Drink……….Foodie Heaven !!

Day Five of Chinese New Year

Today is 5th Day of our Chinese New Year Celebration

This day is called, “Po Woo.”  In northern China, people eat Jiǎozi or dumplings.Dumpling, or Jiaozi in Chinese, is one of the most representative Chinese food.

The food can be dated back two thousand years ago. It is quite popular in China and also loved by most of the foreign tourists. The most famous dumpling serving is in Xian. Xi’an Dumpling Banquet is brought forth new ideas in its color, fragrance, taste, and style;

This “Po Woo.”   day people stay home in anticipation of welcoming wealth into their house This is also the birthday of the Chinese God of Wealth

In Mainland China, no one visits friends and family for fear this will bring bad luck to each other Taiwan, businesses traditionally re-open on this day, accompanied by firecrackers.

What to do ?

Go to work! Be sure to use your wealth affirmations, see yourself as a money magnet, and be grateful for the wonderful gifts life has to offer.

Stay Tuned !!! Days 6- 10 is  all about partying with friends and Family