The Art of Life at Work Has Arrived

I am excited to share the completion of my latest book

: The Art of Life at Work”

It is dedicated to my loving family, who are  from the Midwest. Growing up they instilled in me the importance and value that a good day’s work brings.

The book consists of 40 quotes I have lived by whether it was during my days as a corporate citizen or an entrepreneur

It can be used as an inspirational or motivational tool, as well as a journal. As a journal, you will be able to capture your journey or private thoughts on any given day,

In the coming days, I will share how you can purchase your own copy of this labor of love.

I would like to acknowledge Marla Shaw for the beautiful cover and artwork throughout the book. In addition to her editorial guidance and gentle patience  during the completion of the book.

Stay Golden,

Dr. Janet Woods