What to Do on 12:12


 There is an old Chinese proverb that says

” May you live in interesting times”

and we do. Many of you are feeling the effects of the shifts in heaven and earth.

Here is how Iam celebrating  the shift here are some things you can do on Wednesday.

1.Make some Holy Solar Water and spray your yourself and your space.

( Place water in a glass container in the sun for 8 minutes. You can add prayers and intentions. You can also use rose water, or orange blossom water from the Middle Eastern Market)

2. Write you intentions on Joss Paper then burn and bless them. ( Get Paper at the Asian Market)

3. Meditate and empty your mind, so it can receive messages from the universe.

4. Emjoy a day without meat. This gives your digestion a rest, and it will make you feel lighter and open to the energy of the day. This is also another way to honor animals.

5. At Sundown you can light 8 white tea lights, and enjoy the energy of 12/12/2012

6. Do all of the above! ( Which I will be doing along with some Champagne  )