Certificate Programs

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Certification is a formal process of making certain that an individual is qualified in terms of particular knowledge or skills. Our Certification programs are fostered and supervised by experts in their field.  

Each subject matter consists of hourly instruction, hands on exercises, and real life experience. Because we are teaching Eastern Philosophy and Metaphysics to Western  students we use a scientific methodology know as ” Brain Based Leaning”.    


Upon completion of each program a certificate will be awarded to the student which reflects the subject matter and the hours of study.

Free Certificate Of Completion Templates For Word

Certification Courses


Access Consciousness Bars

10 Hours



The Art & Science of Meditation

  • 10 -30 Hours



 Feng Shui

10 – 30 Hours




 10 -30 Hours



Space Harmonization 

10 – 30 Hours


10 – 30 Hours



Reiki I, II,

8-24 Hours

Reiki Master

 8-10 Hours



The Art of Palmistry

10 – 30 Hours


Face Reading / Physiognomy

10 – 30 Hours 


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