Asian Metaphysics Bachelor of Arts

In order for a student to achieve their Bachelor of  Arts they must complete the interview and application process.

Upon acceptance you must complete a minimum of two (2) courses in each of the (5) Five Art Forms. In addition to a White Paper consisting of 1,000 words.

Students can who  demonstrate their ability , or have a  prior certification in the subject matter may have certain courses waived.

Student in the program are required to take 20  hours from the Business School for Creatives unless they have had a successful business, or similar training.


Tuition for each course is based on $20.00 per hour and a material fee which will include worksheets, books and white papers. 

The Art Forms


Art Form One: The Mountain


The Tao I : 10 Hours 

 Mindfulness Meditation  : 10  Hours

Qigong 1 : 10  Hours

Access Consciousness  Bars : 10  Hours 



Art Form Two: Wellness


Reiki I  : 10 Hours 

Reiki II : 10 Hours

 Reiki Master : 10 Hours

Korean Hand Therapy I : 10 Hours

Essential Oils I : 10 Hours



Art Form Three Destiny


9 Star Ki Astrology I : 10 Hours

Chinese Astrology I : 10 Hours

The Art of Palmistry I: 10 Hours


crystal ball

 Art Form Four : Divination


The I Ching Oracle  : 10 Hours

Face Reading  / Physiognomy I : 10  Hours

 Kuan Yin, The Art of Tarot I : 10 Hours


Art Form Five: Formation


Urban Feng Shui I:  10  Hours 

Neuroarchitecture I :  10 Hours

Space Cleansing  I: 10 Hours



Prices are subject to change*

Each Course has a Material Fee

Material fee varies based on Instructor*