Chinese New Years is on January 28, 2017


The Chinese New Year has arrived in full force this Year !!

Traditionally celebrations start much earlier than Chinese New Year’s Eve. Some people start to celebrate three weeks before, the 8th day of the twelfth Chinese month (January 7, 2017; 腊八 Làbā /laa-baa/ ’12th lunar month + 8′). They start to clean the house to welcome a new year from then on..

Traditionally the end day of the Spring Festival is the fifteenth day of the first Chinese month, February 11, 2017 — the Lantern Festival. Chinese make all kinds of beautiful lanterns and eat sweet glutinous rice balls in sweet soup (汤圆 tāngyuán /taang-ywen/ ‘soup round’).

The fun will end on February 11 , 2017  which is Lantern day.



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