Why You Should Take Our Business Course

Your Business

Your Business

You have spent hours and years learning the Art and Science of Metaphysics. You are now ready to share your gifts with the world. So how do you go about it?

Most people will seek the answer to this question by going the traditional route used by business start – up tactics.  This may work for the short term, but for the long term, your Metaphysical business needs to have components that parallel the business world, and the metaphysical world.


Here are the reasons you should take our course!!

9 Reasons to Attend the Competitive Edge

You dreaming of the day when you can quit your real job, and work full time using your gifts

You struggle to fit more clients into your day so you can increase your income

You been planning to get Business Cards to advance your credibility and visibility

You would like to change your annual income into you monthly income

You want to stop lower your prices and devalue your gifts to entice a hedging client

Your spiritual side gets pushed aside as you work to gain clients

You are ready to raise your dollar value as an Metaphysician

You need a system to help create cash flow in your practice

You leave workshops overwhelmed not knowing what to do next

To Take Your Business to the Next Level get enrolled today. Contact Dr. Janet Woods on her private line at 949-307-6690

Dr_Janet_Woods small

She knows what it takes to make your practice profitable, and create a lifestyle using your gifts. 

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