Day Four of Mercury Retrograde


We are in day four of Mercury Retrograde, and people are staring to really feel the energy. Most people complain about this  time period. The informed mind knows it is an amazing time!


Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful opportunity to work with Mother Nature and her cycles.  It is a good time to take a slow deep breath and put your life back into perspective.  When you take a time out from the usual daily grind, you create space for a transformational opportunity.  This is a great time to acknowledge something is no longer working, or useful so can be released.  Consider the fact that there is a retrograde three and sometimes four times a year, which allows you to clean up your mess, and start life anew. As Mother Nature intended.


There is also a “Flip Side“ to Mercury Retrograde: such as, adopted children finding their birth parents, old friends show up out of the blue, mail that has been lost for decades, returns to circulation, attorneys find evidence and clues which have been overlooked in important cases, more “Cold Cases” have been revisited and solved during Mercury Retrograde. This goes to show retrogrades are not all bad, and you don’t need to fear them.  This is your opportunity to truly transform situations, and create a better life.Try not to take things so serious during this time frame.  There are many things out of your control.  “Just go with the flow”



 Except from Thrive During Mercury Retrograde by Dr. Janet Woods

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