Foodie Heaven= An Abundant Life in 2015

Today is day 7 of Chinese New Years. In the bible, on the 7th day God rested. To the Chinese this is the Birthday of all Humans!  So, I think a birthday cake is in short order. The Chinese believe in order for you to have a good life, you must eat good food, so you can go to work, and give your job the best effort possible. Day 7 & * are ” Foodie Heaven” days.

The Farmer’s Market will be buzzing with people preparing for fresh and healthy meals today. There is also a traditional drink that is made from 7 fruits and vegetables and consumed on this day. I wonder if that is where the famous juice V8 came from?

Another traditional food that is eaten on this day is Raw fish (  symbolic for success ) and Noodles ( symbolic for longevity).

What to do today:

Have Cake

Eat Sushi

Have a big bowl of noodles

Have a 7 Juice Drink……….Foodie Heaven !!

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