Happy Year of the Water Snake !

2013 smake6

On February 10, people all around the world ring in the Lunar New Year with paper lanterns and firecrackers. Following and completing last year’s unpredictable yang Dragon year, this year will complete the life palace of spirituality. The Water Snake year brings with it, cosmic awareness, sage spirituality, and integration with your higher self

At the heart of it all sits the snake, known for its sharp fangs and revered for its irresistible charm. In Chinese Metaphysics, the Snake is a traveling  star, and also water is the element of transportation  and communication.  So the water snake year will trigger more traveling.

The snake has a mixed reputation in China. It is associated with wisdom, beauty and intelligence but also pride and anger The Snake feels and senses its way through life and represents spiritual rebirth, elusiveness and exploration of life’s mysteries

Visit us tomorrow for more ways to celebrate the Snake Year




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