New Year’s Eve : Releasing The Old Debts


It is just 1 day away  New Year Eve !!Houses are getting cleaned, Food is being prepared,  and New clothes,

What is Next ?

The paying of ” Old Debts”

In order to start “fresh” now is the time to repay any and all outstanding debts.This allows you to release the clutter of money owed, and make way for a “Fresh New Start “What if you can’t pay the old debts?

Here is an exercise to support the release of old debts

You will need

One White Candle

Sandalwood Incense

Joss Paper


Sit in a quiet place  after you have gathered  your debts

Light the incense and the white candle

Write them all on the Joss Paper (use the whole package) using pencil

In the evening burn the Joss Papers in your Fireplace, or a safe place to burn things

Asking the debts be released.  This process allows you to have peace of mind , and release the heavy energy of your debts. Granted they still need to be paid,but the shame of owing them is much lighter

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