Year of the Rabbit Forecast

The Year of The Rabbit began on February 3rd 2011. Rabbit years are quiet, positive and inspiring and 2011 is heading in this direction. A refreshing change from the fast-moving,  and quite dramatic Year of the Tiger. The Chinese Rabbit year favors peaceful solutions and diplomacy, so there will be a feeling that hope is still very much alive

Family, diplomacy and personal development will  be the focus 2011. As we look at our legacy, alternative sources of energy and green living will become more of a way of life. The arts and culture sector of society will very busy producing amazing works of art and shifting our creative boundaries. 

 Love, romance and family life are center stage, with a renewed appreciation of loved ones and friends. Overall, it should be a fun and relatively peaceful year. Even though aggression, violence and war zones will  be  evident.

Your Forecast

Rat: You are in conflict with the rabbit. So this year will have some peaks and valleys. Career wise the rat will take on more responsibilities and will create more wealth. A good year of steady progress, and very social

Ox: A steady year ahead. Look forward to a good year with gains in finance and excellent improvements in personal happiness. Take some long awaited rest and relaxation.

Tiger: The slower pace of this year will see you spending more money. Enjoy time with friends and family. A good year for romance and resolving karma. Now is the time for your relationships to go deeper. Love is in the air!

Rabbit: Because of you are the animal of the year. It will be a frustrating time for you. You like things to move slower, you will need to show restraint and some patience. Career wise you will grow, and money will be better this year

Dragon : A good year to lay low. Consolidate your positions. Enjoy your rewards as they come. Don’t try and hold on them too tight. Or you will miss opportunities.

Snake : It is time for you to reap the rewards of life after 2 years of craziness. Now is the time to put into action the business plans, and your personal relationships will start to really blossom.

Horse: This is a bright and hopeful year. Do not take unnecessary risks though. Follow your instinct, laying foundations for the future. This may be the year you become more social. Your relationship will move to a new level.

Sheep: Expect more romance in your relationships. Business will move upward. Be sure to use all the tools in your bag of tricks. Wealth opportunities will present themselves. Take care of your health.

Monkey: Work will slow down this year. Which is a good thing! Your luck will good in the area of finance, so count your blessings. Spend more time with the people that love and support you.

Rooster : This is not a good year for you. Pay attention to your relationships, and stay away from investments. Promotions and business will go well. Stay with what is tried and true. Don’t flirt, you may be mis-understood.

Dog: You will make great progress at work, reaping rewards of your labor. However be prepared for competition. Your prestige and reputation will increase as the year unfolds. Romance is in the air.

Pig: Excellent prospects are indicated, with a number of auspicious stars coming into your chart. There will be some competition so pay attention, and look for opportunities.


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