Happy Year of the Rabbit !

The Year of The Rabbit begins today , February 3rd 2011. Rabbit years are quiet, positive and inspiring and 2011 is heading in this direction. Overall, it should be a fun and relatively peaceful year. Even though aggression, violence and war zones will still be evident. Rabbit years are know for diplomacy. There must be unrest for this to come into extistence.

A refreshing change from the fast-moving,  and quite dramatic Year of the Tiger. The Chinese Rabbit year favors agressive  solutions and diplomacy, so there will be a feeling that hope which is still very much alive.

 Family, diplomacy and personal development will all be the focus 2011. As we look at our legacy, alternative sources of energy and green living will become more of a way of life.

The arts and culture sector of society will very busy producing amazing works of art and shifting our creative boundaries. . Love, romance and family life are center stage, with a renewed appreciation of loved ones and friends. 


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